Cold and Colors and New Jewelry!

On October 21, 2013 by madeline

The weather is finally turning cool here in Atlanta, and I am sitting here freezing at school – trying to decide if it is the heating system or my wardrobe that needs an update. Let’s go with wardrobe since that is so much more fun! (At least to me. The bank account may need some TLC when this is done). Then the inevitable question. What colors to look for?

My take: it is hard to say where we are headed now since we just got out of the ever popular black and white phase. But if you buy into the Pantone fashion experts predictions, then as we approach the fall season “Just as the leaves change in autumn, the consumer will enjoy the ability to change their ‘look’ and try a new approach … for brisk days ahead. The fall 2013 palette allows for that versatility and experimentation,” Pantone Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman said.

The 10 shades Pantone predicts will be hot this fall : Emerald, Mykonos Blue, Linden Green, Acai, Samba, Koi, Deep Lichen Green, Vivacious, Turbulence and Carafe.


I will check with one of my favorite sources, Lucky magazine, to see if they were on target…but overall I love the colors, particularly Mykonos Blue and Koi. Brandy Huessey at ArtBeadScene goes more in depth into the different color palettes and combinations and I highly recommend taking a look through her blog .

While I am checking in at Lucky, take a look at our color changing earrings – perfect for fall as these cool mood beads  encompass many of the colors of the Pantone palette as they change colors. Or check out some of the beautiful vintage rings  in dark emerald or deep ruby…a perfect combination with this fall’s colors!



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